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LF-DDN05Non contact relay group

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Product introduction:
Long wind electrical research and development LF-D series contactless relay has the advantages of small volume, strong capacity to load characteristics, can be used to extend the PLC with load capacity, can drive the 6~ 16 path electromagnetic valve and small power DC motor and perceptual load, especially suitable for hydraulic system control electromagnetic hydraulic valve, perfectly in a weak voltage signal control large current. No touch relay group LF-DDN05, LF-DAN05
With type NPN transistor output type or the relay output PLC output the best match ( for example: Siemens ), no touch relay group LF-DDP05, LF-DAP05 and PNP transistor output type or the relay output PLC output the best match ( for example: Mitsubishi OMRON ).
Product features:
●no touch relay group all SMD production technology, using imported components, enhanced anti-jamming performance.
●high integration, small volume, compact structure, convenient installation, helps to reduce the control box the size, cost reduction.
●integrated airfoil heat sink, completely resin sealing, vibration resistance, resistance to moisture and dust, power margin.
The input and output a complete separation between the output end damage, has no influence on PLC, input end of the constant current source, the computer can directly control, current constant voltage change ( about 10mA) control end wide adaptable voltage range covers 5V, 12V, 24V.
The modular assembly, according to the selection of the desired path, avoid unnecessary waste.
The input and output terminals are arranged from side to side, convenient wiring, standard rail installation, convenient disassembly and assembly.
The long service life, make the equipment maintenance become worry.
●no touch relay group, fast response speed, up to 1KHZ.
●effective level: N type high effective P type low level
●Lang wind LF-D series contactless relay group selection type spectrum


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